Student Affairs


Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (YIPS) is an Institution where the students are imparted knowledge not merely to obtain degree but also to develop their personalities and to enrich the society in which they live. The need for a disciplined and organized life on the Campus is extremely important. It is, therefore, essential that rules and regulations are followed strictly to ensure an orderly and decent atmosphere on the Campus. Students are required to abide by the rules and regulation of YIPS while being on its enrolled strength.

The Institute Discipline Committee is mandated to keep an effective vigil over maintenance of discipline and code of conduct. It comprises a senior faculty member as president along with three members. All matters of serious or persistent indiscipline will be referred to the Discipline Committee for necessary action.

Students ID card will be immediately retained by Institute authorities / chief proctor on sustained misconduct / occurrence.

Procedure for Processing Acts of Indiscipline / Misconduct

Each case of in-discipline / misconduct shall be reported to the Director/Principal through the head of the department or the warden of the hostel. In case an event takes place outside the teaching blocks or hostels, but on the Institute premises, the case shall be directly reported to the Director/Principal by the administrative staff. On receipt of a complaint, the Director/Principal shall issue a show cause notice to the student involved in an act of ill-discipline.

It shall be ensured that the show cause notice has been received by the student against whom a report of ill-discipline has been made. The Discipline Committee may ask, if necessary, the student to appear before the Committee. The statement of the invigilator / staff / faculty shall be given due weight age.

An appeal against the Discipline Committee’s decision can be filed with the Director/ Principal within seven days of the announcement of the decision of Discipline Committee.