Notice of Entry Test & Interview

After scrutinizing all the applications, an information letter will be sent to those who fulfill the criteria for the admission with complete details of date, time and venue of the entry test.

Entry Test

The applicant’s resident in Pakistan is required to appear in the admission test irrespective of the curriculum or system of education followed. This provides a uniform measure of evaluation for all applicants irrespective of the basis of different boards of education in Pakistan and different systems of education.
The entry test is an objective type of examination, with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the standard of FSc (Pre Medical). Each MCQ is followed by four possible answers from which the candidate has to chose one correct answer. The entry test is conducted in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and General Knowledge. The following will be the ratio of questions of entry test:

a) Biology 40%
b) Chemistry 40%
c) General Knowledge 20%
(Eng, Pak Studies, Islamiyat)


After the entry test, an interview by the members of the Admission & Selection Committee of the Institute constitutes an integral part of the evaluation for final selection. The interview is to assess the aptitude and attitude towards the pharmacy profession. It is desired that at the time of admission parents/guardians of the candidate are also present. A clinical psychologist will be one of the members of the Admission Committee. Final selection is made with the approval of the Director/Principal, YIPS.

Final Selection

The applications for admission are reviewed by the Admission Committee. Relative weightage of all components of the admission process including academic achievements in SSC, HSSC, the entry test result and the interview are added to determine the merit.

The weightage for calculation of merit is as under:-

I. SSC/Equivalent 10%
II. HSSC/ 50%
III. Entry Test+ interview 40%

The merit list will be finalized by the Institute’s Admission Selection Committee. The decisions of the Committee are irrevocable and non-negotiable. The authorities are not bound to explain the reason for their decision to the applicants or their parents/ guardians.

Selected students will be asked in writing, to confirm their intent to join the Institute by depositing the college fee and other dues within a week of the announcement of final selection.

If the intent for admission is not confirmed by due date, the seat will be offered to next candidate on the waiting list. No further claim of admission by the previous incumbent will be entertained.

The students admitted to the Institute shall be registered with the University of Health Sciences through the Director/Principal YIPS.

The students shall also be registered with the PCP as pharmacy students, within three months of admission, failing which they will not be admitted.