Message from Principal

(Principal) YUSRA Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Samar Akhtar

Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (YIPS) offers the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy to students with particular emphasis on the better professional education, impeccable pharmaceutical skills and resultant ability to compete internationally. The approaching students should be proud to have made the right choice by selecting Pharmacy Education and Profession. In my personal capacity, I have been associated with this profession for more than a decade and enjoyed both the professional and academic rewards.

YIPS presents a unique environment of learning in addition to personality development, where the abilities of each and every student gets identified and refined.

We look forward to provide a bright future to our graduates through the degree of Pharm. D, which covers all aspects of modern Pharmacy Education as stipulated by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP) and Higher Education of Pakistan (HEC).

YIPS has grown since its inception in 2014, to an institute of excellence,  which accommodates over 300 pupils in the state of the art facilities

The scope and need of Pharmacists has widened over the last few years. Pharmacists are now a requisite in Hospitals, Community Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies and Clinics. Therefore, YIPS has created an environment where students will be taught under the supervision of competent, PhD qualified teachers and an experienced faculty. Also, we boast of state of art excellent laboratories and will provide clinical exposure to ou students under the renowned clinical Pharmacist Dr. Hamaad Ahmed, Director YIPS.

Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, compassion, hope and tolerance are the underpinnings of YIPS education. We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring in out them, the knowledge and understanding necessary to contribute positively in the society. We will encourage high standards of academics and morality with a focus on self-discipline, effective communications and goal oriented learning, which are the keys to success in practical life .

At YIPS, we encourage a vibrant learning community that encourages a three-way partnership among students, parents and the Institute. The strength of this partnership will be reflected in the success of our students. It gives me immense pleasure in making welcoming you to YIPS. We would be delighted to be involved in the education of students and foster ethical values in them.