Message from CEO

(CEO) YUSRA Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Brig (R) Prof.Dr Sultan Muzaffar

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the prospecting students of Yusra Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. YIPS is affiliated with the prestigious University of Health Sciences Lahore and is recognized by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. YIPS boast of a dedicated and qualified Faculty, under the supervision of renowned Pharmacist Dr. Hamaad Ahmad. At YIPS our focus is student centered teaching and learning. We have a very healthy condusive environment, congenial for higher learning and development of appropriate attitude and skills to produce Pharmacists with the noble aim of serving the humanity with diligence and dedication. At YIPS students get priority over every thing else. We endeavour to excel and produce Pharmacists who can compete with the best. We intend to have exchange programs with reputed centers of excellence to provide the best learning opportunities to our students. We encourage electives within the country and abroad to give wide exposure to our students. We assure you that your stay at YIPS is a guarantee of a bright future.