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“Medication Safety First”

A Seminar was conducted by YIPs on 3rd October 2019. The topic “Medication Safety First” Speaker of the Seminar was Mr. Umar Ikhlaq Bhutta, BSC (Gold), B-Pharm (Gold), M.Phil, MSTQM, MHA (Gold), DHHM (Gold), Ph.D Scholar (Pharmacy Practice).

Dr. Hashaam Akhtar, Associate Professor and Head of Department shared his views, he told the audience that medication use has become increasingly complex in recent times and due to this medication error is a major cause of preventable patient harm so as future doctors and pharmacists, you will have an important role in making medication use safe, you should provide an overview of medication safety to your staff, you should encourage yourself and others to continue to learn and practise ways to improve the safety of medication use. he also said that better understand towards the scale of a medication error, the steps involved in a patient using medication and identification of factors that contribute to medication error can prevent us from big disasters. we should learn how to make medication use safer. Licensed Doctor or pharmacist means to understand a doctor’s or pharmacists responsibilities when using medication.